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Terms and conditions

In compliance with Article 10, Act 34 of 11 July 2002 governing Information Society and E-Commerce Services (LSSICE), the identification details of the company are shown below.

Company name:

Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona S.L.

Fiscal identification number:


Head office:
Via Laietana 47 08003 Barcelona.


93 301 62 40

Registration details in the Companies Register:

Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona S.L. registered in the Barcelona Companies Register, Volume 34206, Folio 156, Number B-245005 First Registration.


GREMI D’HOTELS DE BARCELONA S.L. (hereinafter the provider), the body responsible for the website, places this document at the disposal of its users in compliance with the provisions of Act 34/2002 governing Services for the Information Society and E-Commerce (LSSI-CE), as well as to inform all website users of the conditions of use.

The provider reserves the right to modify any type of information that may appear on the website, with no obligation to give prior notice or advise users of said obligations, understanding that publication of the provider’s website is sufficient.

Terms and conditions

Use of the services on the GHB website implies express acceptance of the following general conditions:



• CLIENT: A physical person or legal entity requesting a hotel booking.

• GHB: GREMI D’HOTELS DE BARCELONA S.L. (Sociedad Unipersonal) as provider of the information services.

• OFFER: The list of services provided by each accommodation establishment.

• HOTEL, HOSTEL, GUEST HOUSE, APARTMENT, APARTHOTEL OR ESTABLISHMENTS FOR TOURISM USE: Establishment or accommodation chosen by the client with which to make the booking, hereinafter the “ESTABLISHMENT”.

The website is the booking centre for the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona through which it markets all its member accommodation establishments.

In the event that in the future other types of establishment that offer accommodation or are for tourism use are marketed, they will likewise be designated “establishments” in the different points contained in these general contracting conditions.

• BOOKING CONFIRMATION: A telematic document confirming the requested booking.

• PRICE: The cost per day for staying in the chosen accommodation, consisting of the use of the room and the services previously chosen by the client, in which details of the obligatory taxes and charges are given.

2. The following general conditions will govern and are applicable to all bookings made either through this website or through those of referers (versions of the website we offer to third parties to generate bookings and share commissions). Any modification will be made in writing by GHB. Acceptance of the booking also implies acceptance of these General Conditions. GHB reserves the right to modify its general conditions at any time, without prejudice to previously acquired rights.

3. The CLIENT accepts as sufficient for the purposes of the choice of accommodation establishment the data and content provided by the ESTABLISHMENT that appear on this website.

4. Bookings will be accepted in writing by sending an e-mail to the address provided by the CLIENT that will contain the confirmation, the identification code and details of the hotel, the name of the ESTABLISHMENT, the address and telephone number, the arrival date, the departure date, the type of rooms and type of board booked and the total price of the contracted services. The CLIENT should check the booking confirmation and immediately advise of any error they may detect in it. If no such communication is received, it will be understood that all the details of the confirmation are correct and also understood as being included as an integral part of the booking contract.

5. The booking will only be understood to have been made when acceptance on the part of GHB is manifested through the booking confirmation.

6. CREDIT CARDS. Your credit card will only be used to guarantee the booking in the event of a no-show and in accordance with the following clauses. The CLIENT will pay directly in the establishment by means of one of the payment systems accepted by said establishment.

In the majority of cases no charge will be made to your credit card at the time the booking is accepted. You should always confirm the card and the percentage charge.

When the ESTABLISHMENT makes special offers or takes last-minute room bookings it is common for them to charge a percentage of the cost as a deposit.

In each specific case the actual conditions for said bookings will be clearly specified in the legal text corresponding to each of them in a form that is easily accessible by the user.

7. GHB will store details of your credit card in an automated file for the sole purpose of being able to provide in a suitable manner the services requested when the booking was made and to make the necessary charges, if applicable.


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PCI DSS are the initials of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

This standard has been developed by a committee known as the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council) that represents the most important credit and debit card companies as a guide to assist those organisations that process, store and/or transmit data referring to cardholders (or card owners) in securing said data with the aim of preventing credit and debit card fraud.

Companies that process, store or transmit credit or debit card data must comply with the standard or risk losing permission to process credit and debit cards (loss of franchise) or being subjected to rigorous audits or the payment of fines. Merchants and providers of credit and debit card services are required to periodically validate their compliance with the standard.

This validation is undertaken by authorised Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) auditors. Only companies that process less than 80,000 transactions per year are allowed to undertake a self- evaluation using a questionnaire provided by the PCI Consortium (PCI SSC).

8. Clients should normally check into their accommodation between 12:00 and 15:00 hours or before 18:00 hours on the first day of their booking.

Nevertheless, priority will be given to the date and time indicated in the legal text and conditions of the contract corresponding to the room of the ESTABLISHMENT being contracted by the client through our website. In the event of the above requirements not being met, the booking may be cancelled by the ESTABLISHMENT.


9.1). The client has the right to cancel their booking paying no charge or compensation until forty-eight hours before the latest permitted check-in time at the hotel (18:00 h). Said cancellation must be made through this website, providing that it is not a non-cancellable booking or a special offer or a package for which conditions different to those above are stipulated (see Section 9.4).

9.2). If the booking is made within 48 hours of the check-in time or the user does not show, the cancellation fees will be between 25% and 100% of the total amount, providing that it is not a non-cancellable booking or a special offer or a package for which conditions different to those above are stipulated (see Section 9.4).

The establishment may charge said penalties directly to the client’s credit card and users expressly agree not to contest such charges.

The amount and characteristics of said penalties will always be shown publicly and in writing in the room contracting conditions and characteristics and the cancellation clauses.

9.3). If the booking is made within 24 hours of check-in time or the user fails to show, the cancellation fees will generally be between 25% and 100% of the total amount, providing that it is not a non-cancellable booking or a special offer or a package for which conditions different to those above are stipulated (see Section 9.4).

The establishment may charge said penalties directly to the client’s credit card and users expressly agree not to contest such charges.

9.4). Non-cancellable bookings

Some bookings or dates may not be cancelled in any case if they are during special periods in which trade fairs, congresses, etc. are being held or due to commercial reasons or the particular cancellation policy of each of the establishments that participate in this website.

10. In keeping with the associative nature of GREMI D’HOTELS DE BARCELONA and the undertaking of its statutory aims through GHB, in accordance with the provisions of its statutes, which are duly registered in the corresponding administrative body, the client accepts:

• That GHB acts solely and exclusively as an intermediary between the client and the hotel associated with the business organisation GREMI D’HOTELS DE BARCELONA.

• That GHB has not created, modified or implemented the information about the hotels that appears on the website, said information having been provided by each accommodation establishment.

• That GHB has no ability to control, supervise or execute the hotel accommodation contract in the hotel chosen by the client.

As a consequence, GHB does not accept any responsibility whatsoever –this being accepted by the client– for the veracity, integrity or accuracy of the information referring to the different hotels, nor for compliance on the part of said hotels with the booking that may have been made or the integrity and correct provision of the hotel accommodation services.

11. The execution of the hotel contract referred to in the booking will be carried out in accordance with Catalan tourism legislation and other valid administrative provisions, in so far as they have not been expressly modified by the parties through these general contracting conditions.

12. These conditions will be governed by the laws of Spain, which will be applied in those circumstances that are not foreseen in this Legal Notice in terms of interpretation, validity and execution.

GREMI D’HOTELS DE BARCELONA and the user expressly renounce any other jurisdiction and agree to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona to resolve any dispute or question related to this website or the activities undertaken on it.

13. An express exception is made in the case of any provisions governing the rights of the consumer in the event that the client is subject to said condition.

14. Through the effective request for a booking by the telematic methods provided on this website, the client accepts the terms, obligations and exemptions from liability set out in these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

15. The provider exempts itself from any type of responsibility deriving from the information published on its website, providing that said information has been handled or entered by a third party not a part of it.


We consider privacy to be an extremely important matter. As a normal part of our activity we compile and communicate information about you. In this privacy policy we describe the information that the organisation responsible for the files of Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona S.L., with head office in Barcelona (Spain), Via Laietana 47, gathers on you and what may happen to that information.

When you register on our server, your personal data becomes part of our database and is used solely for arranging the services we offer and for receiving information related to the purposes of the website.

The user declares that they are an adult (over 18 years of age) and have the necessary legal capacity to contract the services offered by the providers on the GHB website, likewise manifesting that they accept the link to this agreement and understand and accept in their entirety all the conditions set out here for the use of this website and the services offered.

The personal information we collect and process on you is the data that are always shown on each of the forms you need to complete to gain access to the services or features of the website.

The main reason we have for collecting your personal data is to process and manage the hotel booking you are interested in making with GHB members. The second reason is to be able to send you an e-mail with a questionnaire to obtain your opinion and evaluate your experience in the chosen establishment.

Those users who have voluntarily subscribed to our newsletter will receive regular bulletins with special offers, promotions and information of interest for holidaymakers and travellers. In accordance with the current legislation, the user may unsubscribe from the newsletter and indicate that they no longer wish to receive messages.

The provider is firmly committed to complying with the Spanish personal data protection legislation and guarantees its full compliance with its obligatory regulations, as well as with the implementation of the security measures set out in Article 9 of the Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999 (LOPD) and its Regulatory Directive.

At the time users provide their personal details, the provider places at their disposal an informative clause advising them of the following aspects:

- Details of the person or organisation responsible for handling the data

- The data processed

- The file in which they are stored

- The purpose of the data handling

- Whether or not there is a legal obligation to provide them and the consequences of not providing them.

- The rights pertaining to all users and the procedure for exercising them.


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